Ashampoo PDF Pro 3.0.4 + Portable

Ashampoo PDF Pro 3 is a turnkey solution for managing and editing your PDF documents. The program has everything you need to create, convert, edit, merge and protect your PDFs. Create perfect sized documents that can be read on any device and add encryption to protect your sensitive data. Your PDFs are now as easy to edit as Word documents!

• Comfortable, elegant ribbon interface
• Dark mode for maximum productivity while caring for the eyes
• Fast switching between working modes with one click
• Customizable panel with all important functions
• Smooth document zoom
• New drop-down elements for accessing key functions

Create interactive forms
Ashampoo PDF Pro is ideal not only for filling out forms, but also for creating and editing your own. With just a few clicks, you can add interactive elements such as lists, checkboxes or data entry fields. Such forms can easily be filled out by anyone with a regular PDF reader.

Create snapshots
Do you want to save parts of your documents as images? Yes Easy! The new snapshot tool can quickly and easily capture any part of your document with the desired format, resolution and color depth, and even transparency. Just grab the parts that matter to you!

Convenient numbering
Do you need to add unique numbering and/or timestamp/date stamps to multiple PDFs for further processing, such as invoice stacks? The new numbering feature helps you with this: process any number of files or even entire folders and easily add numbers, text such as headers and footers, or timestamps.

Editing images in external editors
This is quite common: You need to edit an image embedded in a PDF in an external editor. Usually, to do this, you need to export the image, open it in an external editor, save the changes, and import it back into PDF. And with Ashampoo PDF Pro, just click on an image and it will open in your default editor. After you save it, Ashampoo PDF Pro will ask you if you want to apply the changes to your PDF document.

Find and replace colors
Sometimes you need to replace colors throughout a document, for example to match a company’s style or a project’s requirements. The new find and replace feature makes it easy to do just that: just select the color you want to replace, a new replacement color and Ashampoo PDF does the rest. Save time and effort with Ashampoo PDF Pro’s new features!

Convert documents to Word and other
formats Ashampoo PDF Pro has a powerful text recognition (OCR) engine that turns scanned documents into editable text. Naturally, the program allows you to easily transfer files to Microsoft Word.

Search and replace in seconds
The find and replace feature in Ashampoo PDF Pro is far superior to that found in other PDF editors. You can not only replace text on button click, but also links, fonts and colors. This is the easiest and fastest way to change the design of your document. Moreover, you can use this function with multiple files.

Annotate, edit and highlight
Ashampoo PDF Pro is the most convenient way to add comments to your PDF, highlight important points or add graphics for more clarity. Embedded seals such as “Accepted!” or “Confidential!” help you mark your documents.

Create PDF with ease
Ashampoo PDF Pro lets you create high quality PDFs from any Windows application that supports printing. Simply select “Print” in your application and select the “Ashampoo PDF” printer. If necessary, Ashampoo PDF Pro will automatically reduce the quality of images, for example for web publishing.

Easily track changes and check spelling
With Ashampoo PDF Pro, you can edit, add, delete and format text in paragraphs and even entire pages. If necessary, the program can highlight recent changes using the built-in tracker, which will help you work with multiple versions of a document. Built-in spell checking will help you avoid mistakes, and automatic hyphenation will make your texts look more pleasant.

Protect documents with 128-bit
AES encryption With powerful AES encryption, your PDF documents are protected from unauthorized access and unwanted actions such as opening, editing, printing or extracting text. It’s up to you to decide who can and who can’t work with your files! You can also blacken confidential information completely and irretrievably.

Fill out and print forms
Ashampoo PDF not only allows you to fill out interactive forms, but also supports the more common PDF document forms used by various government agencies. Save time and fill out forms right on your PC instead of typing them out and filling them out by hand the old fashioned way.

Insert and use images from PDF files with ease.
Working with pictures and graphics is extremely easy in Ashampoo PDF. Insert, edit, move and crop objects. You can even watermark them to protect your intellectual property, or clone them for reuse.

Format, edit and link with ease Effortlessly
review your documents with Ashampoo PDF. Move and delete or crop and rotate individual pages as you like. You can even insert pages from other PDF documents and merge multiple documents into one file with unprecedented ease.

OS: Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7 Download Ashampoo PDF Pro 3.0.4 (339.2 MB):

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