Caramba Switcher 2022.02.08 + Corporate + Lab 2022.03.13

Caramba Switcher 2022.02.08 + Corporate + Lab 2022.03.13

Caramba Switcher is a new, easy to understand automatic keyboard layout switcher designed to work with Russian, German and English languages .

Unlike Punto Switcher and other layout switches, Caramba detects the language of the word you are editing, and will not annoy you with erroneous auto-switching. And the program also knows when you are playing a game and turns itself off for this time. Caramba understands that you are typing a password and does not switch it to Russian. Cancel switching or converting the selected text is done by double-clicking Shift or single-clicking Pause Break. Saves time.

It takes about a second to manually switch the layout, and several seconds to delete and correct an incorrectly typed layout. Caramba Switcher fixes text instantly. It also automatically corrects such cases: “Hello” – “Hi”. According to our calculations, this saves users an average of about five minutes a day. For a month of work, Caramba Switcher will free you from performing a routine action, which takes about two hours imperceptibly. And the annual time savings will be at least three full working days free from routine.

One setting.Automatic language switching can be turned off when you do not need it. Karamba now has a new, convenient Single Shift function – switching the current layout in the system by pressing one key. Caramba Switcher learns on its own – you don’t have to make exceptions or create rules. It is enough to erase the incorrectly switched abbreviation, type it again, and it will automatically fall into exceptions. The more you work with the program, the better it understands you and the less it makes mistakes.

Changes in the version:
* After the forced conversion of a part of a word with a doubleshift and its retyping, automatic layout switching will not work.
* Karamba has learned how to correctly process the endings that are typical for the Russian language. When editing text, auto-switching should not occur. If so, please contact us immediately!
* Many changes in the language model! We continue to reduce the number of false positives of Karamba when typing words with typos, rare surnames and proper names.
* Fixed bugs when working with the main and numeric keypad at the same time.

Download Caramba Switcher Lab 2022.02.08 / 2021.06.07 (5 MB):

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