CoolUtils Total Image Converter RePack

CoolUtils Total Image Converter converts images to other formats, resizes and flips photos and pictures. Total Image Converter does everything you need: you can convert large TIFF images to small JPEGs, resize images to web page sizes, or convert RAW photos to more popular formats.

Key features:

  • Supports TIFF, JPEG, RAW, PNG, BMP, PSD, TGA and more
  • Convenient image resizing function to reduce the photo
  • Crop images as needed
  • Convert groups of images
  • Watermarks: add your comment, logo or date
  • Convert images from the desktop or using the command line

3 ways to convert images
First, the program has a user-friendly interface. Secondly, Total Image Converter is integrated into Windows. This means that you can select a file on the desktop and right-click. A “Convert to” item will appear in the pop-up window. It is also possible to use the program through the command line. Launch Total Image Converter using the command line through other programs.

Built-in File Viewer and Full Image Thumbnail
View You can easily view images through the program before and after file conversion. You can work either with a detailed list of files (name, size, type, corrections, attributes) or with their thumbnails.

Resizing and positioning, cropping
With Total Image Converter you can resize an image, rotate or crop it. You can do all this while converting a file with Total Image Converter! Note that when you rotate a multi-page TIFF file, the final document will also be multi-page.

Yes, Total Image Converter will let you add watermarks to your images! You can add a comment, logo or dates to a single photo or to a group of photos.
OS: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10/11

Assembly features from Dodakaedr:
Type: installation / unpacking (Dodakaedr)
Languages: Russian / English
Treatment: done.
Cut: other localizations

Download CoolUtils Total Image Converter (32.6 MB):

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