Ghost Win10 Pro (x86-x64) Ver 1903 _18362.175 By Hoanchien

Ghost Win10 Pro (x86-x64) Ver 1903 _18362.175 mod nice interface by hoanchien

  • – Made from Windows Windows 10 pro from microsoft, the original is not omitted any component to bring full functionality and stability, suitable for low, medium and high-configuration machines.
  • – Tweak the Registry and tweak Services to optimize the system, improve the speed of running fast and smooth
  • – Not yet @ctive win you go to C: Setup
  • – This is a win no soft no driver
  • – Activate net 3.5

Some softwares are installed

  • – Full font
  • – WinRAR 5.71 Final (64 bit – 32 bit)
  • – UniKey4.3 RC4 NT (64bit)
  • – Dotnetfx .. (Net 3.5 full) has been activated

Some pictures of Ghost version:


If you need to turn off and turn on Update, download: 
Download and extract the files and check the MD5 code and use it.
MD5 check tool:

  • MD5
  • x86: 217720A0D3407872498D058F9D66B685
  • x64: 9F3EF9C4BB038BF9FB75B7D47BCA149A
  • X64 iso: 8F54B0792DE0855108CFB9EC38B1BD45

Set of Driver Win 10 

Office for you need


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