Ghost Windows 10 Iot Enterspire x64 v2004 Version 3.0 Full Soft [Lengacy & UEFI] Fast Nathan Nguyen

I have shared with you 2 v1 & v2 already, but those versions it best support for weak, low profile machines running HDD. In order to compensate for mid and high-end models with better hardware support,

I decided to release Version 3.0. Currently the version to @ctivate the Iot Enterspire 2004 version with the usual cr @ ck or scrip cmd tools you used before will not work on this Iot 2004 version. But for me, nothing is impossible …

  • Windows & Office 2016 not @ctivate before: You can @ctivate your way or use the @ctivate Tool Digital and Office 2016 Online Tool in TOOL 
  • Installed Available net framwork 2.0, 3.5 for Windows 10 verison 2004

– Optimize maximum Internet speed, increase Download speed and Update Windows on Windows 10 super fast …

  • The Windows version has the ability to repair itself when errors or system conflicts occur.
  • Windows Update, Windows Frimware, Cortana, OneDrive are turned off & Windows Defender is removed




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