GoodSync Enterprise + Portable with peatch


GoodSync Enterprise + Portable with peatch

GoodSync Enterprise is a very handy program for synchronizing data between a computer, laptop, USB drive and other devices. GoodSync provides fully bi-directional synchronization that eliminates data erasure and loss.

 In addition to two-way synchronization, one-way synchronization can be performed to quickly backup and / or restore old files. GoodSync also allows you to carry out several synchronization actions at once.

you can download Goodsync Enterprise with peatch.

Key features:
• Bi-directional sync to prevent data loss
• One-way sync for Backup
• Sync not only Windows folders, but also FTP, WebDAV, SFTP
• Sync with Windows smartphones and PDAs
• Selective File Sync
• Flexible and easy Sync automation
• No file system monitoring required
• Linked Multi-device sync for maximum convenience
• FTP file modification time synchronization • File modification
time translation for non-preserving file systems
• Easy synchronization of file modification time only
• Real-time monitoring
• Visualization of changes
• Convenient and flexible display
• Job tabs to make it easier to work with multiple Jobs
• Size counters for each level
• Selection dialog to make it easy to select folders to sync
• Determination of required free space
• Activity and change reports
• Job labels on removable drives
• Backup copying over the network over an encrypted channel

OS: Windows 10, Windows 8/ 8.1, Windows 7, Vista Download GoodSync Enterprise (46 M

You can download GoodSync Enterprise + Portable with peatchAlzex Finance Pro V6.2.0 from the link below…

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