Luminar Neo

Multilingual, registered regular and portable versions in one installer.

A creative AI-powered image editor that brings your ideas to life. Have you ever wanted to achieve more with your images? Luminar Neo is an innovative AI-powered image editor that simplifies complex procedures.

The new Luminar Neo editor will receive an improved AI engine, which, according to the manufacturer, should improve the processing quality and increase the performance of the new software.

 And although Luminar Neo is very similar in functionality to Luminar AI and even has all its features, the new editor still has a number of innovations that Luminar AI will not have.

Another of the new features of Luminar Neo is the automatic recognition and removal of various artifacts caused by contamination of the camera sensor or lens. Now you can automatically remove other unwanted objects in the frame, such as wires from electric poles in the city.

Another interesting tool is the background replacement feature. This tool was not previously available in previous versions of Luminar.

 The tool works like the already existing Sky Replacement function. The developer claims that the photographer will have maximum control over the background for portrait photos. 

According to the idea, the tool should help you quickly replace the background with a completely new image of your choice.

OS: Windows 10 version 1909 or later (64-bit only) Download Luminar Neo (775.53 MB):

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