Multi Calculator Premium 1.7.8 build 390

Multi Calculator is the best math and financial calculator app that has many different modes and converters. You can use the application on your smart watch.


Standard Calculator
– Has the functions of a pocket calculator and adds some mathematical operators
– Remembers the latest calculation conditions. View your calculation history anytime you want.
– Use the calculator on the home screen

Currency Converter
– Real-time currency conversion is supported
– After the currency rates are updated, you can use the currency converter offline. Before traveling abroad, update the data once.
– More intuitive – when viewing exchange rates, there is a name, currency abbreviation and country flag.

Savings calculator
– Provides various options for calculating interest: installment savings, regular savings, simple interest, compound interest, etc.
– Improved calculation of compound interest. Available options: monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual.
– If you are wondering how to raise 100 million dollars in 5 years, try this feature.

Date Calculator
– Save your events with a photo.
– Supports various date calculation options
– See the number of days between dates

Discount Calculator
– Calculate reduced price / Discount in %
– Calculate with an additional discount Loan

– Annuity, differential and lump sum payments are supported
– Interest per period
– Calculation of any type of loan, for example, mortgage, auto loan. Unit

Converter – Supports
length, area, weight, volume, temperature, time, speed, pressure, force, work, angles, data and fuel Health – Use the Health Calculator for your body – Calculate BMI (Body Mass Index), BF (Percentage of Body Fat) and Ideal Weight on one screen – Easily switch between metric and imperial systems VAT Calculator – Calculate Value Added Tax (VAT) ) Fuel calculator

– Calculate consumption, distance, expected fuel consumption and funds for it Shopping

Calculator –
Create a shopping list and calculate expenses while shopping forget your size with notes Time Calculator – Helps you calculate time in Years / Weeks / Days / Hours / Minutes / Seconds.

OS: Android™ 4.4 and higher
Interface language: Russian / multilingual Download Multi Calculator Premium 1.7.8 build 390 (20.3 MB):

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