OCCT 10.1.3

OCCT is a free portable program for testing computer hardware components and identifying problems in their operation. The program allows you to check the processor, video card, video memory, as well as the stability of the power supply and motherboard.

The OCCT program includes five tests with the ability to change their parameters and duration.
• OCCT – CPU load testing to detect stability issues. Three test modes are available, the choice of the number of threads and the use of AVX instructions.
• Linpack – a test from Intel with the ability to find errors. Three versions of the test are available with changing the memory used and running two simultaneous test threads.
• 3D – testing a video card with the search for errors. It is possible to manually change the screen resolution and FPS limits, as well as adjust the complexity of the shaders.
• Memtest – checks the memory of the video card to identify faulty chips.
• Power – testing power stability using the maximum load on the processor and video card.
OCCT includes tests with their own verification algorithms that allow you to identify problems in the computer. With the help of the OCCT program, you will be able to determine if the crashes or problems in the system are related to a faulty processor, video card, or power supply.

In addition to performing tests, the program displays general information about computer components and allows you to monitor temperature, supply voltages, fan speed and processor frequency, as well as visually track their changes on convenient graphs.

Interface language: multilingual/Russian
OS: Windows 10, Windows 8/ 8.1, Windows 7, Vista, XP – x64 Download OCCT 10.1.3 (22.4 MB):

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