The applications include:
Windows OS installation : WinNTSetup
Text editing : Notepad ++
Hard drive defragmentation: Defraggler
Multimedia : Universal Viewer (Support MS Word, MS Excel, Watch movies, listen music, open common text formats)
Type text : Unikey
Download support : Free download Manager
Support to track application activity (Create Portable for applications) : RegfromAPP, Folder Chamger , Universal Extractor
Recover deleted files: Recuva, MiniTool Partion Wizard
View machine configuration information : CPU-Z, HWinfo, Speccy, CrystalDiskInfo, CrystalDiskMark
Clear passwords : NTPWEdit, Windows Login Unlocker
Manage partitions and hard drives : MiniTool Partion Wizard, BootICE
File management : Q-Dir, WizTree
+ OS Backup & Restore : Acronic True Image, Norton Ghost, TeraByte Drive Image Backup & Store, Drive SnapShot
Fix OS Errors : System Recovery
Fix hard drive errors : HDTune Pro
Web browser : Internet Explorer
Menu Utilities : ResetAttribs (Delete file and folder properties), ResetNTFSPermission (Delete user to EveryOne)

– Additional components:
+ NetFx4: used to run applications on .Net Framework
+ VC Redist 8 + 9: VC ++ RunTime
– Note when using:
+ When connecting to the network, you need to go to Network -> Internal Network to have a network
– Development log:
+ The current version in use is built on the candle of Windows 10 1809 x86
+ Version name is Win10XPE_Rev1_x86 – Flower blooming colorless
– User manual:
+ Integrate into menu of Grub4Dos using the following code:

Download Links:

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Google Drive x64
SHA256: B6453ACCD245B4D23E55B4C1F3F26A5955EBD761EAA13C9851C5A8502643132A 

+ Google Drive x86:


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