Proginstaller v1.6 NeleGal !{Latest} – 2018

Proginstaller v1.6 !{Latest} – 2018

Proginstaller is an automated tool for installing a set of frequently used programs, similar to WPI and Minstall. But different from them speed and ease of use. The main purpose – automatic installation of a set of pre-selected programs for the installation of operating systems

First start of the program:
When you start the program for the first time, the program list will be empty, because the programs are not available. It is recommended to use the instruction to add new programs. Proginstaller can be used in conjunction with Minstall.

 To do this, install Proginstaller in the Minstall folder and the list will also be empty the first time the program is run, but a config.ini configuration file will be created in which you need to change the folder = Programm parameter to folder = Software. After rebooting Proginstaller the list is filled with programs from Minstall, it will only be necessary to add the silent installation keys and the program description.

Adding a new program:
Next to Proginstaller is the Program folder, for grouping programs by category, you need to create folders with the appropriate name in it and place programs there.
When you start Proginstaller, it scans the contents of the Program folder, the detected folders are listed as group headers, the contents of these folders are respectively written to this group.

But at this stage, the added programs will be designated as unknown and marked with a “red cross”. To identify the program, you need to activate the editing menu, Proginstaller will, if possible, set the name and version of the selected program, and also extract the application icon.

The user will only need to add a silent installation key, which can be obtained by running the program Skf.exe.

Then it remains only to save the changes made, if all the parameters are entered correctly, the program will be marked with a “green tick”.

Installing programs:
When you start Proginstaller, a timer with a countdown starts, after which a silent installation of all previously marked programs will occur.

The timer can be stopped by the corresponding button. You can set the time of the timer operation in the settings of the Proginstaller program from 1 to 9 in seconds.
Then it remains only to save the changes made, if all the parameters are entered correctly, the program will be marked with a “green tick”.

What’s new in v1.6:
Tooltips (Program Description) are displayed against the background of the “cloud” of the button color.
Redesigned support for cmd bat files.
Added functions “Mark all programs”, “Uncheck all programs”
Several minor bugs fixed in the program


Proginstaller v1.6 !{Latest} - 2018

OS: Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10
Release date: 2018
Platform: x86 / x64
Language: English
Treatment: not required
The size: 65.70 MB

Download : Proginstaller v1.6 NeleGal !{Latest} – 2018  


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