Rosetta Stone – Learn Languages ​​8.17.1

Rosetta Stone is the best language learning software at home. The flash method allows you to learn the way you started learning your native language as a child – without rules, by immersion in the language environment, repeated repetition and the formation of an associative series in various areas of life, the development of patterns and automatisms according to the principle from simple to complex, from practical perceptions of writing and rules.

Key Features:
1. Want to speak without an accent? From the very first lecture, our patented TruAccent algorithm will help you improve your pronunciation. This way you can always be sure of what you say and how you pronounce it.
2. Develop speech in live dialogues. The best way to learn a language is to go beyond grammar and vocabulary. Using Rosetta Stone’s proven dynamic immersion method, you will only see, hear, speak and read in a new language while learning new words and phrases taken from context. This way you’ll be prepared for real conversations that don’t follow a script.
3. Install Rosetta Stone on all your devices and practice your language skills by downloading lessons in the language of your choice: Spanish, English, French, Korean or any of our other languages.

What’s new:

• Includes various fixes and improvements to improve your Rosetta Stone experience.

OS: Android™ 7.0 and higher
Interface language: Russian / multilingual
Status: hacked (premium features unlocked, analytics disabled) Download Rosetta Stone – Language Learning 8.17.1 (86.5 MB):

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