Secure Delete Professional 2022.07

Secure Delete is a handy tool for reliable, secure and permanent deletion of files on your computer. As you know, there are many software solutionscovering deleted data, which can threaten your privacy when the computer is shared (for example, a work machine).

This utility allows you not only to clean the disk from traces of deleted files, but also, for greater reliability, overwrite the erased place with random characters in several passes, rename the file or folder itself, delete records about the location of file blocks, remove timestamps, etc.

Working with the application is very easily. There are 3 options for deleting information:
• drag and drop the necessary files into the program window (drag-and-drop technology),
• Drag the files you need to the application icon on the desktop (as in the Recycle Bin),
through the context menu of the Explorer, where the menu of this tool appears in the “Send to” section.

It doesn’t matter which option you choose – all data will be deleted without the possibility of recovery. So if you are selling your PC or a separate hard drive, want to erase traces of secret information and protect your privacy, then Secure File Deleter is the best fit for these purposes.

The available security options are:
• 12 cryptographic algorithms for maximum security,
• repeat overwriting from 1 to 50 times,
• you can make the deleted file empty,
• you can rename the file using a random name to prevent understanding the contents of the file,
• deleting the time of creation, modification and last access to the file.

OS: Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8/ 8.1, Windows 7 Download Secure Delete Professional 2022.07 – x64 (2.4 MB):

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