ShieldApps Cyber ​​Privacy Suite 3.7.8

ShieldApps Cyber ​​Privacy Suite software is a suite of tools to protect against data theft, stop web tracking, and block webcams and microphones from outside abuse. 

The solution allows you to categorically block all external and internal attempts to access the webcam and microphone, delete insecure confidential and personal data, as well as logged browsing habits and credentials, eliminating the possibility of theft and misuse of this information in advance.

Key features:
• Cyber ​​Privacy Suite actively blocks fingerprinting, tracking and data extraction attempts by third parties and hackers.
• Cyber ​​Privacy Suite scans your computer to track login credentials to websites, portals, and service providers and removes these traces at the user’s discretion.
• Cyber ​​Privacy Suite protects against identity theft.
• Cyber ​​Privacy Suite protects against malicious websites, hacks or computer attacks.
• Cyber ​​Privacy Suite monitors your computer around the clock for phishing attempts and instantly blocks them in real time.
• Allows you to automatically block cookies.
• Cyber ​​Privacy Suite finds local documents that may contain identity-related information such as social security numbers, bank accounts, or credit card numbers, and prompts you to delete or encrypt these files in secure file storage.

OS: Windows 10, Windows 8/ 8.1, Windows 7, Vista, XP Download ShieldApps Cyber ​​Privacy Suite 3.7.8 (38.2 MB):

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