Stock & Inventory Management In Excel – Download Template

Stock & Inventory Management In Excel – Download Template

Friends, it is a little difficult to manage Stock & Inventory in Excel without VBA, so we are sharing with you a Fully Automatic Amazing Stock & Inventory Management Sheet of Excel in which we have not used any VBA Code, i

n this seat you can easily You can manage the stock and inventory of your Sales and Purchases from After watching the demo of this Stock Sheet, you will know how automatic this sheet is and how much work is done,

below is the video in which you can see the demo of this Stock & Inventory Management Excel Sheet and in the video we have made this seat.

The complete process is explained step by step, by watching the video, you can easily make this seat yourself.

Some Features of This Stock & Inventory Management Sheet

  • You can customize this seat according to you.
  • It has total 4 seats Dashboard Sheet/Purchase Sheet/Sales Sheet/Stock Sheet. From the Dashboard Sheet, we will enter Purchase and Sale, which will automatically go to the Sales and Purchase seat.
  • There is no need to pre-prescribe the item name in the stock seat, as soon as we enter a new purchase, the stock seat will be updated automatically.
  • If you sell more than the stock, then automatic (Stock Not Available) alert will be received, for which we have made tremendous use of Vlookup + if formula.
  • When you enter Sale in the Dashboard Sheet, there will be no need to go to the Sales seat to see what was the bill number of Last Sale, the bill number of Last Sale will be automatically detected.
  • On the seat of Sales and Purchase, the latest entry will be saved above i.e. the old entry will be automatically shifted down.

To create this stock sheet, we did not use VBA code, just recorded 2 small macros, so you just have to keep one thing in mind when saving the file, by selecting Excel Macro Enabled Workbook from the list of Save As Type saving so that it works properly when you open this workbook again.

Download Stock & Inventory Management In Excel – Download Template

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