WidsMob HDR + Portable

WidsMob HDR is an easy to use HDR creation tool to merge a set of bracketed images into HDR photos. It features an advanced tone mapping algorithm, automatic equalization and ghosting suppression to create stunning high dynamic range photos.

HDR Alignment
With advanced alignment technology, you can easily create a sharp HDR photo by merging 3 different parenthesized photos and letting each pixel coordinates align perfectly.

Ghost Reduction
The ghost image reduction technology can intelligently reduce the ghost effect caused by moving objects to capture the ultimate HDR merged photos in high quality.

Tone Mapping
Tone Mapping is a technology used to convert a 32-bit floating point format that cannot be displayed/printed on current monitors/printers into 8-bit images for display or printing.


OS: Windows 11/10/8/7 – x64 Download WidsMob HDR (27.9 MB):


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