Windows 10 LTSB x64 Version 2.0 Max Speed ​​Full Soft & No Soft, Full Driver Sata, Nvme, USB 3.0-3.1: Fast

This is the Windows 10 interface areo you avoid confusion to Windows 7 nhé
  • Version 2.0 improved drastically in terms of speed, smoothness, and beauty, especially for weak machines, HDD will be comfortable to use …You Can Also Download WanDriver 7 (Easy DriverPacks) English – Full Driver Pack for Windows XP/7/8/8.1/10 {Latest} 
  • Made from Microsoft’s original ISO file: Windows 10 Enterprie LTSB 2016
  • Integrate Full Driver Sata, USB 3.0-3.1, Nvme: fix blue screen error, not accept mouse, hard drive, good support for newer high-end models now.
    – Windows and Office 2010 are automatically activated online copyright when an internet connection. Office 2010 has turned off Automatic Update permanently.
  • IDM activates perpetual copyright with Nathan style, never requires Update or Fix Serial Number
  • Tweaks, optimizes the system to get the fastest results, doesn’t get full disk but still keeps stability
  • The Windows version has the ability to repair itself when errors or system conflicts occur.

– Windows Defender, Windows Update is turned off – If you want to use it, in the Tools folder, run the Enable Defender file, Enable Update is okay
– Install Microsoft Edge Chromium (newly upgraded version of Microsft Edge) for both No & Full Soft – Tweaked to optimize boot, as well as the amount of RAM, CPU light faster than GG Chrome ..

  • No Soft version only preinstalled Microsoft Edge Chromium (newly upgraded version of Microsft Edge)
  • More utility check code MD5, Sha 1, Take Ownership on right
    – click menu – Add full font VNI, TCVN, UNICODE to avoid font error when opening documents


Ghost file in .ISO format supports installation on both UEFI standards – Lengacy

Also, Download !!! ConsoleAct version 2.7.1 Windows + Office Activator Portable (32 & 64-bit) !{Latest}

Capacity: 3.4 GB (NS) & 4.5 GB (FS)

* Link download No Soft (. ISO):https: // drive.
* Link Fshare No Soft (.ISO):
* Link GG Drive Full Soft (.ISO): .com / file / d / 1hVKEVj8c3GD_PnGDNep9tSVOlmaw_JpS / view? usp = sharing
* Link Fshare Full Soft (.ISO):

* MD5 No
Soft: AAD2C007F645D06975738B531A

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