Windows 7 SP1 (x86 x64) Aio Multilingual March 2022 || Exclusive ||

Windows 7 SP1 (x86 x64) Aio Multilingual March 2022 || Exclusive ||


I took this version of Windows versions English original amendment not been deleted or version only add languages and Althdbthat

operate this The copy on the old and modern boards that support the UEFI system smoothly and without any problems

was made with the help of God added all possible updates to the version for the date of 22.03.2019

was also added:

NET Framework 4.7.2

DirectX Runtime 2010

Technical information:

Windows name: Windows

Type: Aio

Date Version: 22.03.2019

Edition size for two years: 5.21 GB

Languages: TD Uncle of Arabic + English + Farsi

Activation: is disabled (the help of Allah put Widgets activation folder (Activater) you find on brighten up the office after the inauguration

hash version:

the CRC32: 85665C8A the
MD5: 1270D715724BE2BE3310C7D4C79A2175 the
SHA-1: B213D4094B0767D9A37B2C892819E55C403F6AB6


You can download Windows 7 SP1 from the link below…

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