WinLock Professional 6.33 with crack

WinLock Professional 6.33

Winlock Pro is an excellent program that is designed to restrict access to your Windows, locks the system after a specified time, after which it is possible to continue working only after entering the correct password

. Allows you to prohibit the execution of combinations Alt-Ctrl-Del, Alt-Tab, Ctrl-Esc, etc., block the desktop, prohibit opening files and launching predefined applications, hide the Start button and set many other restrictions.

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WinLock Professional 6.33

The utility itself works as follows: you set the time after which your operating system is blocked. That is, as soon as the time is up, the application will prohibit opening folders, files and documents, in a word, it will block the entire desktop. To unlock, you just have to enter the correct password, which you yourself set, and then continue to work. The program itself can be customized as you like. Suppose, after a specified time, only a specific application or document is allowed to be blocked. Or you can hide the Start menu. Turning off the computer after a timeout can also be configured.

Key features and functions of the program:


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